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Letters, Sept. 22


I am writing in response to parents and community members who object to a nonbinary person teaching first grade.

Mr Furnish stated, “exposure to the complexity of preferred pronouns and gender roles is not appropriate” for first-graders. I understand that it may be challenging for an adult to respond to a child’s innocent questions with complex explanations. But complex answers are not required.

A simple response to “Is teacher a boy or a girl?” would be, “I think maybe a little of both. In school and later in life you will be meeting many people different than you. What is important is that you treat people with kindness and respect.” In first grade, a child does not need much more explanation than that.

Throughout school, grammar school, jr. high and high school, your child will meet children with varying abilities and disabilities: gifted children, autistic children, children of different religions, colors and gender identity. If we can teach our children to love and respect people different than themselves, rather than seeing them as threats, we will be giving them tools they need to prosper in our very diverse, changing and challenging world.

Mary Krystine


Oregon Senate District 3

I am voting for Sen. Jeff Golden for the Oregon District 3 Senate position in the upcoming election.

Jeff is smart, he is a good student, he listens, he questions, he is able to consider all sides of an issue and make his own decision. He is trustworthy. I have found him to be very available and open to questions and to input.

He is experienced and knows the territory. He chairs the Natural Resources and Wildfire Recovery committee and participates in several other important committees.

I encourage all to consider a vote to re-elect Golden.

Lee Murdoch