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Letters, Sept. 23

Election issues

As we ponder the many issues facing the nation in the fall election, there are two that dominate our thinking, largely because of concern for the world our five grandchildren will inherit. Those issues are climate change and the increasing threat to democracy caused by MAGA Republicans.

Trump loyalists continue to deny the 2020 election and seek measures and candidates to restrict voting rights, ignore the rule of law and thwart majority rule as well as deny climate change. We cannot support them, so most of the candidates we will vote for will be Democrats or independents. Please join us in protecting our descendants’ future.

Bruce and Chrystine Van Zee


Support Denise Krause

I am writing to urge voters to support Denise Krause for Jackson County commissioner on Nov. 8. Denise is running to really get things done at the local level instead of grandstanding about partisan issues.

We’ve all lived through devastating fires, COVID, twin homelessness/mental health crises, the cannabis mess, and now, serious drought. Too often, I’ve watched in frustration as our local mayors, state and federal legislators, and volunteer leaders — not our current three commissioners — proactively stepped up to forge workable and creative solutions.

County leaders should cooperate, not squabble, with other governmental agencies, and listen to all their constituents. Denise has got the guts to stand up to special interests and push county departments to take creative, collaborative action instead of defending the status quo. Jackson County needs leaders like Denise Krause who base their decisions on facts, not politics.

Laurie True


Pork chops

Regarding “Property tax waivers for housing are encouraging” (Mail Tribune): The “aggressive steps” Medford leadership is taking to encourage building in the center of town is more akin to tying a pork chop around the necks of city leadership with the pork being paid for by the taxpayers and those entities that would otherwise benefit from the diverted funds. The big question is, what’s wrong with Medford insomuch as the metaphorical “pork chop” must be utilized to stimulate construction within the center of the city?

Bob Shand