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Letters, Sept. 26

87,000 new revenue agents

If 87,000 new revenue agents feels a little unnecessary to you, like it does to me, I have a solution!

Since the U.S. is in a worker shortage in every industry nationwide, and since even the staunchest build-the-wall Republicans support legal immigration, wouldn’t it make sense to engage the 87,000 revenue agents as immigration processors and make part of their job assisting and following the immigrants they process and approve into gainful employment? In this way, the agents could more than earn their salary through tax revenues from the “pod” of new taxpayers they develop.

I figure each agent could effectively process, counsel and monitor 100 new workers per year with weekly counseling and followups for three to six months then bi-weekly followups for as long as needed to see them in to productive-taxpayer status. This would generate at least $1 million in annual tax revenue per agent. I don’t know how to calculate the trickle-down revenue, but it is substantial. I personally could hire about 200 new workers with average annual income of $40,000 to $50,000.

I think it’s a win-win. Instead of trying to get the cow to give more cream, get more cows!

Brenda Edwards


Matt Roberts in Ward 4

Medford voters in Ward 4 have an opportunity this election cycle to replace one of the incumbent placeholders. The incumbent council members have not done a good in representing the interests of Ward 4 citizens by largely rubber-stamping every development project and looking the other way on Medford’s huge transient/camper issues.

Fortunately, candidate Matt Roberts is in the best position to change that. Matt is a seasoned business person who has ideas and solutions for Medford’s problems and will be an active change agent on the council.

Ward 4 citizens deserve to have our values and concerns represented on the council. I urge voters to do your homework before the Voters Pamphlet hits your mailbox and cast your vote for Matt Roberts for Medford’s Ward 4 council position.

Ted Krempa