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Letters, Sept. 30

Vote Sparacino, Abercrombie

No praise or re-election should be due Sen. Jeff Golden and Rep. Pam Marsh.

Senate Bill 762, which they supported, is a disaster. It created wildfire risk areas on private property but not on government land.

It places all the burden of hardening properties against wildfire on private property owners while raising insurance rates (or rendering home uninsurable) and devaluing property. More than 90% of fires start on forest land, which they have exempted from requirements to manage against fire danger.

Repeal this bill. It is a government taking.

Donna Lee Andrews


Local races

Many of us will miss the printed edition of the Mail Tribune, a casualty, I believe, of free craigslist advertising.

But hopefully we can still comment on local issues in electronic editions.

In the race for county commissioner we are lucky to have Al Densmore once again become active. Choose Al Densmore for commissioner. He is as experienced and as good a candidate as we’ll ever see.

In Ashland City Council races we have anti-sprawl, long-term visioning candidates Eric Hansen, Bob Kaplan and Tonya Graham. These three will best follow the legacy of a compact urban form sought by previous city councils and by city staff.

Ashland still has a great amount of undeveloped and underdeveloped land. We need leaders who will follow our master plans to utilize it.

Hansen, Kaplan and Graham will best do so. They are worthy of our support.

Brent Thompson


Vote for Denise Krause

If you are one of the hundreds of people who have had a chance to meet and talk with Denise Krause, who is running for Jackson County commissioner, then you have a taste of why I am vigorously urging people to vote for Denise on Nov. 8. And you have been listened to by a person who wanted to hear what you had to say because your opinions and life are important to the community.

Feeling like we matter may not be the best reason to vote for a politician, but compared to feeling like the welfare of so many people’s lives comes behind lining the pockets of big business and developers, yes our lives need to matter. Denise Krause wants the commissioner job because she wants to solve problems for all people in the county and will work hard for you.

Anne Henry