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Letters, Oct. 3

Farewell McGrath’s

For more than three decades, my husband and I enjoyed fresh seafood at McGrath’s Fish House throughout Oregon, the last 20 years right here in Medford.

One of the last remaining traditional restaurants, where a dinner comes with bread, a choice of soup or salad (a meal in itself) and a choice of sides, this kind of restaurant seems to have become a relic of the past. There was always fresh fish and seafood, and weekly as well as seasonal specials. My favorite was seafood jambalaya, always perfectly prepared and loaded with my favorite sea delicacies.

The service was always good, the ambiance pleasant and the value exceptional. Sadly, McGrath’s locations throughout Oregon have been closing, and now our Medford eatery will be replaced with an Elmer’s. Nothing against Elmer’s, but I’ll miss the fresh, healthy fare offered by McGrath’s. Thank you McGrath’s for 20 years of serving Medford. You will be missed.

Diane Garcia


Compromise ship has sailed

Marylata Elton (Sept. 29) writes of compromise in today’s politics in criticism of Bruce and Chrystine Van Zee’s earlier letter describing MAGA Republicans’ “increasing threat to democracy” (Sept. 23).

I, too have often spoken of the value of compromise in politics, but, I’m afraid, in this instance, the “compromise” ship sailed with the rise of Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans in Congress and in the community at large. To speak of “extreme sweeping rhetoric and condemnations” without acknowledging the most extreme, volatile and angry bullying which began in 2015-’16, is to simply evade the truth of the circumstance.

Lack of compromise has often reared its head, but was totally blown out of the water with the rise of MAGA. Deniers vociferously pretend to believe elections are fraudulent, Jan. 6 was a “tour of the capitol,” and Donald Trump is “second only to Jesus” (Truth Social “re-tweet” Sept. 23) — It seems that some actually do believe that last part.

Yes, compromise is important, but in the face of a barrage of lies, threats and ridicule, compromise suddenly becomes feeble, and loses out to the bully. And, yes, Trump and his MAGA sect are a grave threat to democracy.

Don Azar