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Letters, Oct. 4

How the Dom feeds its vets

The White City VA Domiciliary has come up with an interesting method of cutting cost. They’re shaving precious pennies off of their budget, by feeding their resident United States armed service veterans the smallest portions possible at meal times.

That’s correct, in their efforts to save on their budget, they’ve decided that it’s the veterans who have to sacrifice. The portions are often so tiny that some leave the dining facility still feeling hungry. Is this an example of how important veterans who served their country are?

Jeff VanMeter

White City

Vote Johnson, Sparacino

The Democrats have a supermajority in Oregon and control all three branches of government. They have abused that power.

I loved Betsy Johnson’s reply to how to stop the walkouts: “I would make it clear that without both parties involved, I would not sign the bills.” It makes you think of how that would affect the attitude of both parties.

Randy Sparacino is a person who quietly does his job; he has a long track record of capable service and leadership both as mayor and in the Medford Police Department, rising to the rank of chief. I don’t recall problems during his long service, such as Jeff Golden as county commissioner years ago and recently with the forest bill mapping.

We need to elect capable leaders such as Betsy Johnson, an independent for governor, and Randy Sparacino for Senate.

Alan DeBoer, former state senator, Ashland mayor, school board member


Voting for Densmore

Why would I vote for Al Densmore, running as an independent for Jackson County commissioner? Simple: experience and a philosophy forged by 33 years of service, 27 in nonpartisan offices. Al believes that commissioners must represent the entire county and be nonpartisan.

Why is that important to run as an independent in a two-party system? Well, it’s pretty obvious parties lead to unmoving positions, conflicting with common sense and workable solutions. Al seeks to challenge everyone to find areas of compromise to address the biggest issues in our area, and this simply requires a balanced, nonpartisan voice.

Al has experience that cannot be matched by any other candidate — Medford city councilor, mayor, and school board; all nonpartisan. His only stint at a partisan office was as a state representative, and who else has a bridge named after him that you don’t need any party affiliation to walk over!

Saul Krimsly