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Letters, Dec. 1

We need to pay attention

I’ve just read Leonard Pitts Jr.’s “We owe them much better than this.”

The meaning of his words are clear: We need to pay attention and support values that are important to us, individually and as a nation. And, we need to have the courage to stand up for them.

The Holocaust should never be forgotten. It should also never be forgotten how a country led by Madman Hitler reached that point. The similarities between Hitler/Nazis and the groups here in the U.S. who also profess superiority are striking, especially to those who lost family and friends, and to those of us that remember that time period with horror.

The gentlemen Pitts spoke of — Joe Engel — and the millions of others — should never be forgotten. Tears of horror are still very much present.

Katharine Sloan


Our existential war

We are in an existential war. If it were recognized as a battle for our physical existence, not politics, we might rally behind our government as they deal with it. We started it ourselves, by consumptive lifestyles in developed societies and gross ignorance of the laws of nature.

Think back to World War II. We all supported our government. We had rationing of food and gas — both scarce and costly. The English built bomb shelters in their backyards and wore gas masks when needed.

Today’s problems were not caused by our present administration; they deserve thanks as they continue doing their job of easing our burdens while fighting the battle without full support from the populace.

Too many of us are spoiled rotten — whining and attacking those in government tasked with fighting the current battles of diseases, weather extremes and shortages. Whether it be COVID restrictions, higher food prices from the loss of the Ukraine breadbasket and drought here, high fuel prices courtesy of Russia, the slowdown in the supply chain due to COVID shutdowns in Asia, they whine and kvetch.

We need more Rosie the Riveters — citizens supporting our existential battles of climate change and political instability.

Kathleen Heritage