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Letters, Sept. 19

Forest diversity

Orange spray-painted rings on the trees marked the ones to be saved. They were few and far between. All of the rest would be logged, resulting in a loss of 80-90 percent canopy cover.

Recently I toured four BLM Griffin Half Moon timber units in the Howard Prairie region. These areas will be removed and replanted with dense plantations for commercially valuable species. I was appalled to hear that science-based research states that this practice significantly increases fire severity and the canopy removal endangers habitat for species like the great gray owl.

Have we not learned to look at the whole picture rather than the short-range money goal? It reminds me of the great Dust Bowl created by over-farming. We need to be stewards of all creatures and maintain diversity for survival of all.

Patricia Fuhrman


No wonder

Greg Walden is introducing bills that are different than his actual policies. Probably none of those bills will pass, and even if they do, there won’t be money for any so-called actions. He supported the tax cut mainly for the rich. He supported the elimination of any responsibility to carry health insurance. So funds for almost any services will dry up.

That includes decent education for our kids. That includes fire prevention and fighting them. Rural hospitals will begin to close again, due to the expense of their emergency wards providing free care for the uninsured and very sick. Crime won’t be deterred without really funding mental health and addiction services, and police. Business will falter with the increase of smoke and fires, and the decreasing infrastructure maintenance. No wonder Walden is avoiding a debate with his opponent, Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Margery Winter


All we need to know

Well, the Sunday Tribune just told us all we need to know about the people in charge of “fighting” forest fires.

The smoke-filled days are the result of fire management instead of firefighting. Not allowing bulldozers and other equipment to enter the forest because of damage. Thousands of acres, homes etc. burned is far more damage than a fire road or break. It’s also a good example of how dumb it is to have enviro-wackos in charge of these agencies.

Last year the Courier gave us the other reason. Wasting resources repairing “damage” caused by fighting fires while the forest is still burning. Thanks progressives, your policies and beliefs keep failing with very obvious results.

Kris Brown

Rogue River

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