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Letters to the Editor, May 15

What happened?

What is going on? Remember when we had respect for our leaders? Even when we did not agree politically, we still felt as though they deserved our respect; I was raised that way. Even Rudy Giuliani earned respect from all, with his handling of the 9/11 disaster, so what happened?

I hated the circus when I was young (yes, the clowns); now, the circus is in my living room on my TV. Evil clowns, running this country, making me feel like a scared child again.

I will be 60 years old on May 20 and, for my birthday, I wish that a kindness, compassion, long forgotten yet not lost, will come back to us, as human beings, as what we all know deep down inside is right, and right makes might!

Kathleen Bryan


A most ‘fowl’ deed

Human greed and stupidity killed that fabled goose, resulting in the loss of golden eggs forevermore. Basic science was clearly unknown or denied.

Sadly, greed and stupidity are still with us, but on a more terrifying level. Today they seek golden egg profits at the expense of a habitable planet: National lands are blithely given to donor exploiters and our Environmental Protection Agency has become the Environmental Pollution Agency. Public education and health care, the cornerstones of civilization, are being sacrificed on an altar of profit, while our Medicare and Social Security protections are slated for outright theft.

The most egregiously greedy, like Walden and Trump, identify as Republicans, but the entire system has been corrupted to the point where money determines behavior in a vicious cycle; where greed begets greed.

Ignorance, greed and stupidity have impoverished the rule of law and fomented corruption while stoking deadly global warming fires with increasing amounts of fossil fuel.

The November 2018 elections are pivotal if we want to save our goose, much less any golden eggs for future generations. We must vote for science, honesty and sanity rather than deceptive lies of greed. Our future depends upon it as never before.

Lee Lull


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