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Letters to the Editor, May 19

Hire locally

Will someone please explain to me why we pay thousands of dollars to an outside firm to do a national search for a city administrator? Why import someone that has never set foot here and has zero local knowledge?

Check the record on imported city administrators in Jackson County. It’s generally a short stay until there is an opportunity to move up the food chain to a higher-paying, more prestigious position in a bigger town.

Dear City Council, you have your man already.

Adam Hanks, the interim city administrator, has served the city well for many years. He is very intelligent, plays well with others and has an intimate knowledge and understanding of his town. Adam is a family man with deep roots in A-town and won’t be bolting elsewhere to serve the highest bidder.

Council, please make him our permanent city administrator. Adam will make this town a better place for many years to come.

Pete Toogood