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Letters to the Editor, May 24

Treatment, not jail

The cry for a new, larger jail is misguided. Yes, we do need more beds, but they should be for treatment of mental health and addiction issues.

Our jail has a revolving door with many of the same individuals being imprisoned over and over, never getting help for the real reason for their return behind bars. Let’s put our tax dollars to better use than locking up people who need treatment instead of pointless incarceration.

Jail doesn’t work, but treatment at least has a chance.

Claudia Little, BSN, MPH


400 consecutive months

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released a report showing that April marked the planet’s 400th consecutive month with above-average temperatures.

This is a staggering milestone.

The authors of the government report did not mince words about the cause: “It’s mainly due to anthropogenic (human-caused) warming. Climate change is real, and we will continue to see global temperatures increase in the future.”

It is vital that news outlets alert the public to these findings and inform and engage their readers and viewers on the climate crisis.

Please help give this report the exposure is warrants by covering it your paper. ou can find the full NOAA climate assessment, here: https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/news/global-climate-201804.

Juanita Rosene