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Letters to the Editor, July 2

Good work

A couple weeks ago I was hiking up the Bandersnatch trail in the Ashland Watershed and unexpectedly came across a prescribed burn.

I was critiquing the effects of the burn to myself as I walked along when I encountered a gentleman hiking in the opposite direction who asked me what I thought about it. I told him: “Looks great!”

Large trees have a low enough scorch height to easily survive. Small trees, dead and down fuels and brush are burned — part of the rejuvenation that fire brings about. I spent my career doing prescribed burns for 30 years all over the West and also actively managing lightning fires in wildlands for ecological benefit. If I would have executed this burn I would consider it a personal success! Especially in this heavily visited, steep area.

The man then introduced himself as Marty Main, who had been intimately involved in the burn planning and execution. He was walking through the burn to check it. I say, “Good work” — to him and the city of Ashland for re-introducing fire in a sane and measured way into the watershed.

Mary Kwart


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