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Letters to the editor

Gillespie’s claim in error

Jeffrey Gillespie is in error in his June 22 “Love’s Labour’s Lost” review when he writes, “Jacques de Longuyon’s ‘The Vows of the Peacock’ inspired Shakespeare to include in the play his famous ‘Nine Worthies’ text.” In fact, no Shakespeare scholar thinks that Shakespeare’s source for the worthies was the c. 1312 manuscript. Knowledge of the worthies was so utterly common in Shakespeare’s time that he needed no direct source. None of the editions of the play or the books I consulted on Shakespeare’s sources even mention de Longuyon.

This is not the first time that Mr. Gillespie misled “Daily Tidings” readers when attempting to show off his Shakespeare knowledge. I hope it will be his last.

Michael P. Jensen

Contributing Editor, Shakespeare Newsletter


Smart meter extortion

Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere. Made visible, it would appear as smog, like other airborne pollutants which affect our health and well-being.

Risks are overblown they say. We know this story — industry and its captive agencies have this repeated habit of overstating benefits and safety while understating potential harms and inadequate research. A short list of past industry culprits all promoted as safe — lead, mercury, smoking, agent orange, DDT just to name a few.

The unsafe levels for smart meter radiation set by the FCC are so unscientifically, absurdly high you could have a smart meter installed in your ear and it would be deemed safe. Of course this is hyperbole. What data could be collected from a smart meter in your ear? Who would want to know what you are thinking?

What I find egregious is the obscene costs for opting out of smart meters. If on a fixed income or disability payments, these penalties amount to extortion. You are forced to choose between precious dollars or your health, which is priceless. Even the rapacious drug industry offers financial assistance to those who cannot afford what is prescribed to its consumers.

Michael Framson