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Letters to the Editor, July 14

A happy taxpayer

Have you ever wondered how your Ashland city taxes are spent? I received a vivid lesson in that subject recently.

A few days ago while working in my office, I saw a cloud of smoke covering the living room ceiling. After a quick, fruitless look around for the source, I called 911 for the Fire Department. Within three minutes (three minutes!) I could hear the fire department siren, then turned around to see a firefighter at the back door. Two minutes later there were two additional firefighters in a huge fire truck.

All three then intently and thoroughly scoured the house, attic and crawl space. Using sophisticated temperature sensing equipment, they found the source of the smoke, a recessed ceiling fixture. They then checked all the other fixtures on the same circuit to make sure they were not also melting down. By this time two additional Fire Department personnel were on the scene.

Never before having had a need for help from firefighters I was so impressed in this instance by their commitment, seriousness, skill and courtesy. When it came to say goodbye there were smiles all around but up to that point they were all business and I was deeply appreciative.

So next October when the tax bill arrives, instead of muttering about how high it is, I’ll sign that check without hesitation and with a smile, remembering what a great asset Ashland Fire & Rescue is to our community.

John Barton


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