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Letters to the Editor, July 17

Question candidates

As the election season approaches, it’s time to start questioning candidates running for the state Legislature and county Board of Commissioners on how they will lead on addressing global warming and reducing our climate change consequences.

Some Republican candidates claim that they accept the conclusions of climate science that global warming is happening and human emissions of climate pollution are responsible, but they are running under the banner of a president and Congressional party who reject science. In Oregon, state Republicans are not generally as committed to rejecting the science as their federal colleagues. Nevertheless, they behave in exactly the same way; they resist any effort that would lower the states’ emissions.

It’s time to elect county commissioners and the legislative representatives who will support efforts to curtail climate pollution and assist residents in preparing for the inevitable climate consequences coming our way.

Ken Deveney


Not addicted

According to oregon.gov, Oregon has one of the highest rates of opioid prescription. “In 2013, 1 in 4 Oregonians got a prescription for opioids.” “An average of three Oregonians die each week from prescription opioid overdose.”

Opioids have been overly prescribed. When a painkiller has been needed, an opioid was prescribed. Opioid addiction happens really fast.

Powerful pharmaceutical companies have pushed opioids into our communities without concern for consequences to life, families and communities.

Greg Walden receives the largest campaign donation of anyone in Congress, from Big Pharma. His recent work to legislate bills begins to address the crisis — after being in office 20 years.

Why push for real legislation given the congressman’s seniority on the Energy and Commerce Committee with Big Pharma bankrolling his campaign?

Mr. Walden, thank you for the good you’ve done. We’re not addicted to you.

Charlotte Nuessle


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