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Letters to the Editor, July 18

Climate change is here

Climate change is not a distant future event; it is here and it is now, and it’s costing us billions of taxpayer dollars in the U.S. each year. We have seen: airlines recently post concerns over anticipated increased flight interruptions due to rapidly forming and more severe thunderstorms; foresters document a tripling in the number of U.S. acres burned now compared to the decade of the 1980s; back-to-back, three-in-a-row hurricanes formed in the Atlantic; an all-time record 5 feet of rain recorded in one storm event in Texas in 2017; changes in timing of insect and bird migrations often losing synchrony with natural food sources; disease-carrying mosquitoes at higher latitudes.

We can all do something to slow climate change. We can support attempts to pass the Oregon Clean Energy Jobs Bill’ reduce/eliminate toxic pesticides and mineral fertilizers in our backyard gardens to allow plants and soil to process carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into humus that stores carbon in healthy soil for long periods, buy from local farmers that practice regenerative organic agriculture and thus store soil humus, slow our driving speed on highways, etc. See http://socan.eco/about-us/ for more information.

Ray and Julia Seidler


Support Trump

He is working hard to clean up huge messes on major issues facing our country, namely our economy, education, immigration, trade, national security, crime, opioid crisis, breakdown of the family unit and religious values. For a list of his amazing accomplishments check out https://www.promiseskept.com.

One of my favorites is unemployment is at 4.1 percent, a 17-year low. His policies are great for the country and he does have heart. Be happy or be sour. Your choice.

His adversaries choose sour by their vicious and extreme actions using name-calling, “fake news,” bias infiltration into the FBI and DOJ, paid protestors, false accusations, subversive tactics and worse.

If you want to effect change, follow Christ, get informed, know the facts, contact your congressional representatives, mentor a child, vote and stop the unproductive, mean-spirited ranting and raving.

I choose to be thankful and very happy.

Anne Zauner


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