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Letters to the Editor, July 20

Planet needs us

Yale and George Mason Universities have conducted polls on U.S. public opinion about global warming for years. Earlier this year they reported that fully 70 percent of us think global warming is happening, with nearly 60 percent acknowledging that it is mostly human-caused. Meanwhile, only 15 percent of us realize that over 90 percent of climate scientists agree it is happening and is human-caused.

Despite this, we have a White House administration and Congress controlled by individuals who deny the science and refuse to support meaningful action to address emissions threatening life on our planet.

It is critical, therefore, that Oregon becomes a leader in addressing climate pollution. For this to happen, we need legislators who will promote meaningful climate pollution reduction. In the Senate District 3 race, this means Jeff Golden, while in House District 5 and 6 respectively, it means re-electing Pam Marsh, and electing Michelle Blum Atkinson. Our planet needs us!

Kathy Conway


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