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Letters to the Editor, July 26

City Council circus

You snooze, you lose. It should have been easy for the Ashland City Council to have passed the Wildfire Mitigation Ordinance, but you probably already know it is hard for the mayor to herd cats.

After attending the City Council’s circus on Tuesday I can tell you that it would behoove the population of Ashland to heed “where there is no vision the people perish” as viable scripture, because the opposite of love is apathy.

This key piece of the Fire Department’s whole visionary plan for the highest and greatest good of the city was backtracked, largely due to the new councilor highnesses on the block preferring storming over norming. How disgusting that the more seasoned councilors also chose devitalizing vocabulary that represented selfish interests, and the mayor acquiesced to their weakness.

The warrant is that the citizens of the Constitution of the USA didn’t get off their derrières to turn out in full support against compromises to gut the ordinance’s defense of lives and property.

Nancy Nelson


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