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Letters to the Editor, July 30

Public art graces the Ashland Watershed

I attended a dedication of the installation of the third piece of public art in the Ashland watershed on Friday, July 6.

I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know any public art even existed “up in the woods”.

I was delightfully surprised by the work of art, “Elevation,” by Cheryl Garcia. It held three bright blue birds directing people into the watershed. The birds were on the wing and flying up into the forest.

After the dedication, I followed the path up to the other, already dedicated works of art: Pacific fisher “Marty” by Jeremy Criswell and “Water is Life” by Karen Rycheck. Both pieces of art stood out with their bright coloring against the green trees, but at the same time appeared to be a natural part of the environment.

I encourage Ashland citizens and visitors to take a short hike off of Glenview Road to see three hidden treasures that are now part of the Ashland public art inventory due to the work of a small group of dedicated people.

Regina Ayars


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