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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 7

The climate crisis

We face a climate crisis of almost unimaginable severity and it is destroying the world as we know it.

Heat is ratcheting up beyond what can be borne by flora and fauna. fires are consuming forests and grasslands around the globe (even in the Arctic Circle). Potable water is disappearing as mountaintop ice melts and aquifers are no longer replenished. Species extinctions and oceans are both on the rise.

Make no mistake: Mankind’s use of fossil fuel is the main cause of this dire crisis. Scientists have understood since the 1800s how greenhouse gases generated by fossil fuels prevent heat from escaping our atmosphere.

They warned our leaders, but like the grasshopper in Aesop’s fable, governmental leaders ignored the warnings. Then, too, the powerful fossil fuel/defense industry promulgated doubt and misinformation, obscuring the science time after time. And now, time is running out.

The most assured way to stop fossil fuel use is via governmental intervention. This cannot occur unless those elected understand science and reject fossil fuel/defense industry “donations.”

The climate crisis is more clearly revealed each day and is the most vital issue before us. It dictates whether or not humankind will survive.

Lee Lull


Support energy sanity

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is on board, as are House and Senate leaders. A Joint House/Senate committee is developing legislation for the 2019 session to address statewide climate pollution.

Many representatives support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill, but we don’t know whether the others will show up in 2019 to continue sane efforts to address global warming, the major factor stimulating high wildfire risk.

Our responsibility is to speak for our children, and for the environment, for clean water and clean air and to the dangers of a continued reliance on fossil fuel until all our representatives understand that business as usual is not an option. We need to end the fossil fuel era.

Please tell representatives and candidates how important clean energy is to you, your children, and our planet. The 2019 legislative session starts in February 2019. Please support the campaign for energy sanity and candidates who endorse it.

Sidney T. Brown


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