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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 8

Review off the mark

The review by Jeffrey Gillespie in the Ashland Daily Tidings of OSF’s “The Way the Mountain Moved” was way off the mark in my opinion.

I was very pleasantly surprised to be offered a skilled and unique glimpse of mid-1850’s America — from the perspective of native, black, Mormon, Mexican, white and Asian people. To me, it seemed like a secret window opened for me to watch a few days in the lives of common, everyday people as they struggled in the “the wild West.”

Two themes of fear and confusion complicated by gun violence were interwoven in a way that is reminiscent of what our country faces today. Gillespie used the adjectives of “halting” and disjointed” to describe the play. I challenge him to go back and see the play again. Perhaps America of the 1850s was just exactly that — halting and disjointed, where confusion and fear morphed into violence as shocking to the perpetrator as to the victim.

Go see this play! Watch a window in time that we rarely see portrayed.

And thank you to the all the exceptional actors. Particular standouts for me were Christina Clark, Rodney Gardiner and Sara Bruner.

Susan Bizeau


An interesting tidbit

I think it would be interesting to see a story that outlines how big the defense budget is. The Borgen Project points out this interesting tidbit.

$30 billion: Annual shortfall to end world hunger.

$660 billion: U.S. defense budget.

I think most Americans would be outraged to learn that — especially considering the military has been vocal in calling on Congress to fight global poverty. Worth diving into.

Danielle Johnson


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