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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10

Attempted bribery

I found myself seeing the grant program of the LNG pipeline proposal as attempted bribery by the Canadian backers of the export terminal and pipeline (ref: Vickie Aldous, Tidings, Aug. 2).

We are being courted with petty gifts to turn a blind eye to the irreparable environmental damage this project would bring about by:

1. Giving eminent domain to a foreign company over the rights of 630 property owners to make right-of-way for the Pacific Connector Pipeline.

2. Exporting compressed natural gas which, when consumed elsewhere, will increase global climate chaos, when we should cease extracting fossil fuels.

3. Boring horizontally beneath 400 rivers and streams between Maupin and Coos Bay.

4. Disturbing the ancestral relics and fishing waters of the Klamath Tribes.

5. Seeking to build a market to finance further fracking of fossil fuels that should be left in the ground.

6. Threatening to pollute numerous sources of drinking and agricultural water.

7. Exacerbating climate change: “Southern Oregonians have demonstrated that we don’t want this pipeline and export terminal,” said Hannah Sohl, director of Rogue Climate.

8. Further upsetting the balance of nature.

I urge the voting public and politicians of Oregon to not be seduced by petty gifts from a “wolf in sheeps clothing” into permitting this aunwarranted and irreparable ruination of our precious private lands. Please pass this on to Senators Wyden and Merkley.

John Fisher-Smith


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