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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9

Spreading poison

Nina Egert’s Aug. 6 article said Vector Control’s manager “set (her) straight regarding misinformation that abounds online.”

This “misinformation” amounts to mistaking herbicides for insecticides. We don’t get to the fact that VC’s insecticides, sprayed into the air from trucks, sometimes along neighborhood streets, are toxic until near the end. We are reassured that some are “organic,” and break down fast.

Talk about “misinformation.” VC’s chemicals are toxic hormone disruptors in humans in the PPB (billion), carcinogens and teratogens (birth defects). About 1 percent reaches the “target organism” and the rest poisons us and the ecology, including species like bats, birds, fish, frogs and dragonflies that eat mosquitos.

Fear misinformation like “Here’s the scary part ... mosquitos that carry encephalitis and West Nile” are used to justify this poisonous program. Doing some math from VC’s own website, one person died with West Nile in a 12-year span, probably from other causes. How many suffer and die of cancer, premature puberty and reproductive harm, birth defects, and other conditions from toxic insecticide exposure?

VC’s poisons are greater public health risks than any hysteria over mosquito diseases used to justify the spraying. Hope this sets things straight.

Gregg Marchese


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