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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 14

Enough smoke

Current policies that govern the ownership, maintenance and fire prevention of forests owned by the federal government in the Unitd States are obsolete.

It is time for those forest lands to be sold or leased to private corporations that will provide the planning, manpower, equipment and funding to actually provide needed clearing, maintenance and logging. They might actually provide jobs, and enough lumber to export.

Uncontrolled wildfires are enhanced by debris and forests crowded with unusable timber. Closed access roads that prevent appropriate equipment from creating firebreaks are no longer to be tolerated! The policy to let a fire burn because it does not threaten dwellings is idiotic! How many people in the Rogue Valley and other Oregon areas have suffered serious health issues since July 8 this summer with no end in sight till we have adequate rains? If current fire prevention policies are intended to protect endangered species on federal lands, are they effective if hundreds of thousands of acres of habitat are destroyed by wildfires every year?

Just asking.

Mette M. McDermott


Your town needs you

As small-business owners in Ashland, we are so grateful for guests who continue to support Louie’s Restaurant while we endure these smoky days. We are honored and thankful whenever you brave the elements and choose to join us.

Every single one of our local businesses has been severely affected by the smoke, resulting in loss of work for many employees, creating a ripple effect throughout the entire Rogue Valley.

We’re calling on locals to do whatever you can to support our local businesses. If you have a choice, please, consider avoiding the web. Don’t order that book on Kindle! Yes, you may spend a few extra dollars, but this is about our culture, our community.

Shop downtown for clothing, hardware, wedding and birthday presents. Putting off that car maintenance? Schedule an appointment! Dining out once a month? Consider an additional meal, and bring a friend! Treat yourself to a massage! The possibilities are endless.

These challenging times present a unique opportunity for us to create a culture of community. We are a creative bunch! We can do it!

Melissa Jensen and Tom Dubois, grateful owners of Louie’s


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