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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 16

Support fire plans

I was visiting in Ashland in August 1959 when a fire that began behind Jackson Hot Springs (Jackson Wellsprings now) burned up behind the hills and over the ridge and into Ashland’s watershed. I saw the flames and heard the men fighting the fire shouting.

I remember hearing from the authorities that if the fire came beyond a certain point on the mountain Ashland could not be saved. Fortunately, the fire was stopped during the night. Today, 59 years later, I look up onto those hills and see multi-story houses built among the trees on narrow, steep streets. And I know that August 1959 could happen again with devastating results.

Support your council members as they develop a fire resiliency plan for Ashland. Support the many agencies working to reduce the fuel load in our overgrown forests in our watershed. Encourage our national leaders to provide the funds to work with the agencies to reduce the fuel load in all our national forests. And in Ashland where many city boundaries abut county land, encourage our city government to work with the county to provide fire breaks on the county land.

Edith Montgomery


A Trump enabler

This is a response to those who argue that Greg Walden’s seniority means we should vote for him.

If Greg Walden were actually representing Congressional District 2 Oregonians, this argument would make sense. The reality is, however, that Greg Walden represents only the corporations that fund his campaigns, the richest 1 percent.

If he cared for his constituents he wouldn’t have tried to pull health insurance from thousands of us. If he cared for his constituents, he would not support the racism, sexism, bigotry, anti-science ignorance, incompetence, treason, racial profiling and simple inhumanity that is represented by the Trump administration.

This is not what Oregon stands for; this is not what Oregonians want. Walden is a Trump enabler. Voting for Walden means voting for Treasonous Trump.

Alternatively, we could vote for sanity and humanity and support Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress. Jamie would represent us in Congress; Walden does not!

Trisha Vigil


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