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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 17

No more cruelty

Animal advocates presented a proposal in May to ban painful training and punishment devices for elephants, primates, big cats and bears in Jackson County. This proposal would affect 10 events maximum per year at the Expo including animal exhibits, with a potential loss of $80,000. In addition, the paltry $300 fine for an ordinance violation may not deter traveling animal shows or may result in these shows taking place in incorporated cities, exempt from county law.

Colleen Roberts, county commissioner, opined that nuisance bears may be euthanized and such an ordinance could complicate these efforts. Hogwash. Instead of modeling efforts after Clatsop County, let’s adopt Multnomah County’s law: Ban traveling animal shows altogether! This means carnivals, fairs, festivals and circuses with animal shows are no longer welcome in county limits. Not sure Jackson County can handle such sophistication, however.

“For too long, wild animals used in traveling shows have endured cruel training techniques, constant confinement and consistent deprivation of all that is natural to them,” said Kelly Peterson, senior vice president of state affairs for the Humane Society of the U.S.

Multnomah County already bans ownership of exotic animals. Jackson County, get with the program. Abolish animal cruelty as entertainment.

Lisa A. Frost


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