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Letters, Aug. 27

Fasting to protest

I observed the three-day #Hungry4Justice hunger strike that has been traveling the country to remind us that separation of children from immigrant families at the U.S. border is a problem that still isn’t fixed. Last week, we learned that over 400 children who were taken by our government as they entered the country are still separated from their families; 24 are under 5 years old.

I brought my 10- and 3-year-old daughters to Triangle Park, where the fasters set up each day. We held signs and waved at cars, we read storybooks about the strength in America’s diversity, and I called Rep. Walden to ask what he was doing to solve this problem. His staff directed me to comments on the issue posted on his website.

Commenting is easy. Compared to losing one’s child, fasting for three days is easy. Taking real, helpful action can be hard. If others in our community are #Hungry4Justice for immigrant families, we can take action by voting no on Measure 105 this November, so that our hard-working local law enforcement will not be deputized to act as immigration police and participate in the injustice that I fasted to protest.

Alison Duren-Sutherland

White City

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