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Letters, Aug. 20

No accountability

As a veteran and one whose profession has a code of ethics, I value integrity and accountability. So it was disheartening to contact the city of Talent regarding damage to my car caused by a sunken grade at the corner of Rapp Lane and West Rapp Road, and be met with an unwillingness to acknowledge any culpability.

In Oregon, if a citizen is considered 50 percent responsible, they are not entitled to recover damages; I was found to be 51 percent responsible. To appeal this, I filed a small claims case. The city denied it, requesting a civil case. The initial damage estimate was $1,668.77. It has since been confirmed that the front core support sustained damage (due to the depth of the hole), and the repair cost is $3,170.64. I was not able to afford a lawyer, and, conveniently, the case was dismissed.

Incidentally, within 24 hours of initially contacting the city, safety horses were placed around the area in question. Within 30 days, the drainage ditch was reconstructed and gravel leveled the hole. Eleven months later, the road is newly paved and there is no evidence of the former issue.

Sadly, case closed.

Valerie Neck


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