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Letters, Oct. 1

Take women seriously

I attended the vigil in support of Dr. Christine Ford, not with the presumption that Kavanaugh is guilty. Whether he is or not could only be proven after an investigation, something that is now happening.

I want women (and men) to have the right to speak up. The secret of sexual abuse, carried in silence out of fear, shame, unjustified guilt, eats away at you. The experience of many who do speak up dissuades others from doing so.

Women need to feel that it is safe to speak, that they will be listened to with respect, and heard. That is not happening. The president victim-shames, and Mitch McConnell made it clear that nothing she has to say will have any impact on the push for confirmation.

Who would put themselves through what she is going through unless they felt it was vitally important? The character of a Supreme Court Justice is vitally important, particularly given he would be making judgments which could massively impact the lives of women, and needs investigation.

Christine Ford’s allegations need to be taken seriously. Lip service is not enough. All women need to be taken seriously. Until women feel safe and free to speak up, due process of law cannot begin, nor guilt or innocence established.

Ultimately, our culture needs to change to a culture where men and boys do not see women and girls as there to be exploited, and women and girls know they are entitled to the sacredness of their bodies.

Brenda Leishman


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