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Letters, Oct. 2

Voting for Steve Jensen

Since his appointment to the Ashland City Counciil, Steve Jensen has shown us how effective he is and we would be wise to elect him to a full term. He has the grace and intelligence to work well with our diverse community in the best interests of our city.

I’ve known Steve since the early 1970s and am impressed by his depth of knowledge, capacity to listen to others, and commitment to Ashland. Please elect Steve Jensen to the Ashland City Council.

Karen Smith


Supporting Cromwell

I am one of the Jackson County Circuit Court judges who are supporting Judge Laura Cromwell in the upcoming general election.

Laura is compassionate and fair, but she also knows when to hold offenders accountable. She knows her way around the courtroom and has a deep understanding of the serious concerns our community is facing, including addiction, mental illness, poverty, and homelessness. Laura will work tirelessly to fight these issues.

The major difference between Laura and her opponent is one that cannot be controverted: Laura is on the bench now doing the work. She has already presided over sentencings, arraignments, motion hearings and trials. She has earned her position as a judge and I am thankful to have her as a colleague.

I hope the voters of Jackson County will see to it to elect Judge Cromwell in November.

Lisa C. Greif

Jackson County Circuit judge


Freedom and responsibility

Freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. We can’t be responsible without the freedom to make choices, and we aren’t free if someone else is responsible for making our choices.

Too often, political leaders promise to make better choices for us if only we will give up a little more freedom. I’m thinking of health care. This is a large, complex subject where much freedom has been lost, and more is at risk.

We won’t turn public policy around overnight, but we can avoid making it worse. I believe Jessica Gomez understands this and suggest you give serious consideration to her candidacy for the Oregon State Senate District 3 in November.

John Ames


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