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Letters, Oct. 4

A fresh start

My vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner is a vote for a fresh start where every Oregonian’s needs are considered across party lines.

McLeod-Skinner, unlike her opponent, is not beholden to big pharmaceutical or fossil fuel or telecommunication interests. She is available to all Oregonians in District 2, rural and urban, ranchers and students, veterans and retirees. Her energy, dedication, intelligence, preparation, strength, integrity and availability are inspiring and reassuring.

Jamie will work for us and with us. Please join me in voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner on Nov. 6.

Selene Aitken


Voting for Steve Jensen

Three of the many reasons I support Steve Jensen’s candidacy for the Ashland City Council are:

1) Whatever the task at hand, Steve not only “shows up” but is also prepared. This holds true for meetings, civic projects, book discussions — virtually everything with which Steve is involved.

2) Steve is one of the few people I know who can truly see the big picture as well as the details; he is both intuitive and practical.

3)He listens. Even when we disagree on an issue, I know we can have a meaningful conversation because Steve wants to understand my point of view.

Smart, caring, and ethical, Steve has my vote because I trust him to make thoughtful decisions for Ashland and its citizens.

Jo Wayles


Voting for Jamie

As a family therapist at Jackson County Mental Health, I watched people with serious health issues use emergency rooms, as they had no other access to health care. Now, we can have the Oregon Health Plan and Medicaid paid for by Obamacare, which is way less costly to all of us.

Greg Walden is the chairman of the committee whose goal it is to get rid of Obamacare with nothing better. Walden’s plans will not cover pre-existing conditions! To throw poor and working-class folks out from guaranteed health care is not only inhumane, but will cost everyone much more money due to the emergency costs.

Oregon should be proud to have one of the most functional and cost-saving health care programs in the country. I am happy we have one candidate who tells the truth about health care and its cost to all of us. I’m voting for Jamie!

Susan Brook


Voting for Dyer

I am proudly voting for Rick Dyer for re-election to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners.

In the short time I have known Rick, I have found him to be a strong leader, extremely organized and proactive in the way he conducts himself professionally. He is reliable with a proven success record.

I find that he is equal in his interaction with people regardless of their socioeconomic background. He takes loss with dignity and is the first to express that a win is a team effort.

He has great passion for this community, which is visible in the time he has publicly served. I know he will continue to serve Jackson County with integrity and passion he has already demonstrated. I highly recommend voters re-elect Rick Dyer.

Sarahanne Driggs


I knew right away

I met a new friend recently at South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville. Jamie came to speak. Soon the place was packed. Voters old and young were happily there.

I met and talked with Jamie McLeod-Skinner between when she arrived and when she spoke. I was immediately at ease as if catching up with an old friend.

That is who Jamie is.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, civil engineer, water and native rights attorney, multi-year civil servant, candidate for Walden’s too-long-held seat in the U.S. Congress, Oregon District 2.

Her themes were family, community, education, economic development and “ethics matter.” Jamie delivered ideas, not buzz words.

The last time I tried to talk with Walden, he entered and left through the back door, so as not to have to speak with us. Does that tell you anything?

We have important decisions to make. Ashland, consider your vote wisely.

Douglas Peterson


Supporting Morris

We support Michael Morris for Ashland City Council. Mike has served eight effective years on Ashland City Council. Before that he served 13 years on the Ashland Planning Commission and was reappointed by three mayors.

He knows our city and its history. Mike was born in Ashland, graduated from Ashland High and OIT. He uses his unique perspective and knowledge to promote policies that enhance conditions in our city now, and for future generations. I have known Mike’s family as neighbors and friends and they are all hard-working and civic-minded people, and are involved in our community.

Ron and Judy Corallo


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