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Letters, Oct. 5

Re-elect Morris

I have had the opportunity to know Mike Morris for over 40 years. I have followed and admired his dedication and commitment to our city through his long service on the Planning Commission, and more recently on the Ashland City Council.

Mike Morris was born in Ashland, and has a deep appreciation for its history and diversity. He is exactly the kind of big-picture councilor we need to address the many challenges facing our city government. He is also a listener, and one who will always have the best interests of our city guiding his decisions.

I urge my fellow citizens to join me in re-electing Mike Morris to the Ashland City Council.

Brian Almquist, retired city administrator


Go figure

If you can’t figure out why some people don’t agree that dignity and a sense of honor are more important than lying and bullying to “win” and get what you want ...

If you can’t figure out why some people don’t see the benefit of being kind, respectful and helpful to others even if they are different and seemingly might not deserve it as true Christians are taught ...

If you can’t figure out why some people believe the insanely blatant hypocrisy from Trump and his supporters that claim the moral and constitutional high ground given the continually proven examples of their un-American behavior ...

Don’t feel too bad, it’s a safe bet our creator can’t either.

Steve Sutfin


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