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Letters, Oct. 10

Vote for Al

Edie and Al Willstatter were the first friends we had when we moved to Ashland in 1990, and he and I have remained close friends for over 18 years. His knowledge and experience of city government as a former member of the council are essential in order to get the city back in line. I urge you to support Al Willstatter for City Council. We need him.

Bob Cox


Voting for Walden

Please support Congressman Greg Walden’s re-election. He is committed to Oregon Independents, Republicans and moderate Democrats. I believe him honest and trustworthy.

On the other hand, an investigation is needed of the misleading and dishonest claims made by Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Roots in Oregon? False. Fired after four months as Phoenix city manager because she spoke up? False. Worked with our troops to secure peace in Kosovo? That is hard to believe.

When will the media expose McLeod-Skinner for who she really is — a California-style, Nancy Pelosi far-left-liberal clone? McLeod-Skinner has shown herself to be dishonest. Her facts need to be checked amd widely shared before we vote and the damage is done. It’s about relationships, trust and “being there” for Oregonians — all of us — whether we agree or not. He’s suited to what it takes to represent us in Washington. I vote for Greg Walden.

Teri Selbicky


Vote for Witt

Your vote for Dr. Lanita Witt for Jackson County commissioner means you will be supporting a person who knows the county in all its myriad aspects.

Lanita has many, many years of diverse experience: as a local business owner, working in the medical field, and farming on her family’s ranch here in Jackson County. All these backgrounds give her the rare quality of being able to understand the issues and empathize with both rural and city perspectives. She has a firm grasp on what matters to the citizens of the county including economic stability, resource sustainability, health and safety.

I have known Lanita for over 30 years and she is a compassionate person and problem solver. She will use a collaborative approach in addressing the challenges of county governance and be the county commissioner we need now. Please vote for Dr. Witt.

Margaret Garrington


Re-elect Michael Morris

Ashland native Michael Morris understands the heart and soul of our community.

He realizes that we work together to keep Ashland strong and vibrant. He knows that we welcome new citizens and take care of long-time residents. He acknowledges that change has come to our town, and he works to accommodate new problems, new attitudes and new possibilities. We need a city councilman who loves Ashland as much as we do. Please join me in electing Michael Morris for another term on the Ashland City Council.

Margie Lininger


We need realism

Commissioner Colleen Roberts is a pleasant, well-intentioned person. But, in hoping to return to the gone-forever days of massive logging of our federal forests, she wasted time promoting dead-end issues like “returning” Oregon’s federal forest lands to the state — when those lands never, ever, belonged to the state in the first place.

A self-described “constitutional conservative,” Colleen doesn’t understand what our Constitution actually says. During a debate in 2014 she made the stunning claim that it prohibits the federal government from owning any more than 100 square miles of land throughout the nation. I spoke to her afterwards; she repeated that statement to my face. The clause upon which Colleen based her groundless claim deals with establishment of a capital district — Washington, D.C. — “ten miles square.”

We need a realistic county commissioner — one who faces towards the future, not one who yearns for a mythical past.

Jeff LaLande


Julie Akins for council

I am voting for Julie Akins. I have been impressed with Julie as a caring, extremely bright, articulate woman for years.

She has intimate knowledge of how things work from her years of reporting but I am voting for her because she gets her hands dirty in the service of others. She serves meals to the homeless and she has founded and shepherded a project to house families in buses, Vehicles for Change. I am just so darned impressed with her “get it done attitude.”

We need more doing on the council and less talking and I think Julie will bring that to the table.

Too often when I vote I am lukewarm about either candidate, but this year I am so excited to cast my vote for Julie.

And there are other amazing candidates running for council this year.

Diane Werich


Jensen for City Council

Steve Jensen has been my neighbor for 34 years. I’ve seen first-hand how dedicated he is to our neighborhood and to the citizens of Ashland.

He has organized our neighborhood several times for projects, including the Ashland Food Project. Steve is a thoughtful listener and would serve Ashland well on the City Council. Vote Steve Jensen for Ashland City Council.

Barbara Stout


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