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Letters, Oct. 15

Ugly sign season

Five years as a graphic artist developing communication campaigns for policy implementation makes me miserable during election seasons. All of the horrible designs on political placards scattered around people’s property! Some people have no taste, focusing graphic designs solely on matters of cost.

Adding insult to injury, far too many political apparatchiks see fit to put these ugly signs on public property. Even after being notified that the public right of way is sacrosanct from political signs, these horrible designs end up growing like weeds in the median strip. It’s interesting that the “law and order” party is an egregious violator of these city and county political advertising laws.

And there is no accounting for people’s tastes, both in graphic design and politics. There’s nothing to be done about what a person puts on their own property, as a queen’s property is her castle. But, we can speak up about the politicians who put ugly signs on the public right of way. As I call the candidates, some are accommodating, but some mirror the ugliness of their political signs.

Please give the political candidates a call. See if they’re responsive, ask them about their policies. Political engagement with candidates of opposing points of view might reduce divisions between us. I hope it also reduces the ugliness on our roadsides.

James Jarrard


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