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Letters, Oct. 17


Because of the volume of election letters, we are setting a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19 for letters endorsing or opposing candidates or ballot measures. Election letters received after that time cannot be assured of publication.

Vote for Kramer

In the October Sneak Preview, Councilor Stephen Jensen said the chaos surrounding the 2017-2019 budget process was due, among other things, to “cranky Budget Committee members” and that the “public antagonism and contention already shown by some Budget Committee members is not helpful.”

Jensen mentioned that he watched the process from afar. Maybe he needs to pull his chair closer before commenting on something he admits knowing little about. In the 2018 Sneak Preview, Ashlanders identified “The City Council ignoring the Citizens’ Budget Committee” as “The worst thing government has done in the last year.”

We get it — anyone willing to ask questions or voice a different point of view is deemed contentious or trouble by our mayor and council. That is not helpful.

Ashland can no longer afford to support the status quo. Vote for George Kramer in November.

Ken Wilson


Endorsing Jensen

We are impressed with Stephen Jensen’s credentials and experience and willingness to serve our community, so we are pleased to endorse him for the Ashland City Council.

Faye and Wayne Linn


Choice is obvious

I watched the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Forum where both Mike Gardiner and Tim Kelly, running for Parks position 3, spoke. It was obvious that Commissioner Gardiner was better informed and understands the broad array of issues that confront the operation of our splendid parks system. Tim Kelly simply did not.

Mike has lived in Ashland for over 30 years and throughout that time he has been an effective volunteer both as chair of the Planning Commission and now serving as chair of the Parks Commission. His many accomplishments include support for construction of our popular community gardens, he proctored the acquisition and construction of the new Ashland Creek Park and he helped negotiate the Briscoe School playground purchase and partition. I could go on.

I encourage your readers to watch the forum and your electoral choice will be stunningly obvious.

Greg Williams


Airing out the place

Every Republican candidate for public office bears the stench of White House corruption, unless he or she has explicitly disavowed Trump.

Everybody must make certain to vote.

We absolutely must not send any more Republicans to Washington, D.C. (or, for that matter, Salem) until they have cleaned up their rat’s nest.

Herbert Childs


A breath of fresh air

Sticking to “party lines” is old news. We need representatives who are willing to work with both sides of the aisle. I believe the best solutions are thought of when a diverse group of people come together and brainstorm a variety of ideas.

This November, I’m voting for the candidate who knows how to work with people from all walks of life. Jessica Gomez is different from other Republicans. I’m impressed by her values, experience and how well she collaborates with others. She really listens to her constituency. I know she’ll take the concerns of all Southern Oregon residents to Salem and make sure our voices are heard.

It’s time for a breath of fresh air. Hard line politics aren’t going to get us anywhere. Let’s choose a candidate who will bring a new perspective to Salem.

Lisa Dunagan


Vote for Graham

The U.N. report on climate change released last week warns that massive, immediate action is needed to prevent our climate warming more than 1.5 degrees C, beyond which our planet would experience devastating effects. Unfortunately, our federal government seems disinclined to do so. The hope lies in citizen leadership on local and state levels.

This is one reason I’m voting for Tonya Graham for City Council. As executive director of Geos Institute, Tonya has years of experience working in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation. A member of ClimateWise team, Tonya helped develop the city’s Climate and Energy Action Plan. Her expertise will be an asset in implementing this plan.

Tonya’s ability to work collaboratively to solve issues with multiple stakeholders is just what our community needs. Please join me in voting for Tonya Graham.

Ellen Craine


Vote for Jessica

I’m a local to the Medford area and I’m very much of an active and involved citizen to our valley politics. With this upcoming election in November, it is with great pleasure that I can support someone who holds family values, maintains integrity, has a record of bipartisanship, and can talk to anyone despite these divisive times we live in.

I’m glad to support Jessica Gomez for state Senate. Additionally, her being a successful entrepreneur and a strong visionary for the future state of jobs in the Rogue Valley, she understands the needs of both businesses and job seekers. She will definitely support the valley’s mission in economic security and positive values.

Vote for your future, vote for Jessica!

Ruth Moncus


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