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Letters, Oct. 22

Vote for Kramer

I am voting for George Kramer for Ashland City Council, position 6.

He is a longtime active citizen of Ashland. He has advised the city on many occasions involving housing and historical preservation.

He will keep Ashland’s small-town, friendly atmosphere while addressing modern problems such as affordable housing. He will maintain Ashland’s unique culture, diversity, integrity and tolerance. If you love Ashland, vote for George Kramer.

Patricia Bailey Christlieb


Vote Golden

Senate District 3 forums featuring Jeff Golden and Jessica Gomez have been informative.

Having been a champion for environmental, social justice and health advocacy in the region for years, Jeff Golden showed himself very informed on the issues. Additionally, Jeff has served as a Jackson County commissioner, and as chief of staff to a former Oregon Senate president, so he knows the system.

If elected, Jeff would hit the ground running as a senator informed on the issues. Additionally, Jeff is accepting no corporate PAC money so would only be beholden to voters.

His opponent, meanwhile, displayed minimal knowledge of the issues, accepts corporate money, and claimed repeatedly that she would be independent of the parties — yet she would join the Republican caucus. Just like Alan DeBoer before her, she repeatedly argued the standard Republican line on issue after issue. That’s partisan, not independent.

Vote Golden — our senator!

Kathy Conway


More debates needed

Eight hundred people watched the recent McLeod-Skinner vs. Walden debate streaming online according to the audience counter on the video screen. Residents living in Central Oregon, who could watch the debate on their local TV station, rounded out the total audience. Let’s speculate that a total of 50,000 people, online and via TV, watched the debate. This seems like a realistic number.

District 2 has over 740,000 residents spread across 69,000 square miles, so 50,000 viewers equals only 6.8 percent viewership. For Greg Walden to say that a single one-hour debate is adequate is both ridiculous and insulting. Come on Greg, get real! It’s undemocratic that an incumbent congressman can dictate the number of debates and format.

We deserve to hear the candidates debate the issues thoroughly and in multiple locations so many more can attend. We need more public debates between these two candidates before the election.

Jeff Yockers


Support Landt

Rick Landt has been an active member of the Ashland community for many decades and has served honorably as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner. He deserves our vote in the upcoming election.

I’ve known Rick since 1994 and he is dedicated to improving and protecting our world-class park system, and ensuring access to recreation opportunities for everyone in this community. I fully support Rick Landt for re-election to the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission.

Alexander Krach


Voting for Rick Dyer

My son has grown up playing sports with Rick Dyer’s son, Bryce. I have had the pleasure over the years of watching Rick work with kids of all ages. The patience he expresses, his willingness to help each individual child overcome certain challenges is truly admirable.

Together, Rick and his wife, Kara, know the importance of establishing a strong family unit, which benefits all of the kids involved and, ultimately, our community. This is exactly the type of person we want to be our Jackson County commissioner. Rick is uniquely qualified for the position, has done an outstanding job for the last four years and will continue to be an exceptional leader for all of the citizens of Jackson County for the next four years. Please join me in voting for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner!

Sylvia Driskell


Gomez is a leader

Southern Oregon needs exceptional leadership in Salem. Jessica Gomez is an exceptional leader and completely qualified to represent Southern Oregon in Salem. She’s a mom, so she knows how important it is to set a good example and live with integrity.

The strong will of a mother is exactly what we need in Salem. Jessica’s commitment to family and business will benefit Southern Oregon. I’ll gladly support a candidate who embodies family values and who will take those values to Salem. Jessica has all the qualities of a successful leader. She has my vote.

Michelle Johannes


Walden, indeed!

This is a response to the letter to the editor, Oct. 10, from Teri Selbicky. She states that Greg Walden “ is committed to Oregon Independents, Republicans and moderate Democrats.” This is a total misrepresentation of Walden’s voting record for this congressional session.

He has voted with Trump’s position 98 percent of the time. He voted to end Obamacare, impacting the working families that buy health insurance, because their employer does not provide it or they have a pre-existing condition. He voted for the tax cut that enabled wealthy/upper middle-class families to gain more income at the expense of working families. He supported Kavanaugh’s nomination at the expense of women and an impartial Supreme Court. He does not challenge Trump’s racist, misogynistic or just made up (no facts) tweets.

The only candidate for District 2 that supports women, working families, people of color and a check on Trump is Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Bill Harris


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