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Election Letters, Oct. 25

Voisin for City Council

Carol Voisin is a necessary addition to the Ashland City Council. She is a Doctor of Theology, a retired senior instructor of ethics from SOU, and a former member of the City Council from 2008-2016.

Our City Council has not been sensitive to public input as they continue to raise our city taxes to balance a budget that is greater than our income. Voisin led the sustainable energy ballot measure, which was subsequently adopted by the city. She offers reasonable points of view to support the needs of the citizen majority.

Voisin will encourage an expanded point of view in the interests of the whole community, not just the interests of the biased current council.

Mary Canfield


Support science funding

This Dec. 23 the United States will enter the 48th year of its longest ongoing war: the war on cancer. During this time, we have lost more lives to this disease than all U.S. military casualties since the birth of our country.

The passage of the National Cancer Act in 1971 led to significant advances in cancer research. However, cuts to non-defense spending in the 2018 federal budget will dramatically reduce funding for scientific research across the country.

I have been married to two wonderful women, both of whom struggled with cancer and benefited greatly from recent scientific breakthroughs. Truly, the future brightens for all when we support the dedication and hard work of our most talented scientists. Please vote for leaders who value science and support increasing non-defense funding for research, including Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Kate Brown and Jeff Golden.

Jim Bronson


Questionable timing

The city recently completed its Engage Ashland outreach program, wherein department heads and incumbent councilors (coincidentally, seeking re-election) visited neighborhoods to speak with citizens. Normally, this could be regarded as an exercise aimed at feedback for the city.

It’s interesting how close the timing coincides with the Nov. 6 election. You may ask yourself, “Why not prior to Labor Day or after Nov. 6?” According to the Tidings, the councilors were instructed not to talk politics. However, the presence of a councilor at someone’s home suggests a political act. This close to an election, appearances count and the bar should be much higher than “the spirit of the law.”

Example: Carol Voisin conducted focus groups months ago. The other candidates also prepared well ahead of time.

At issue is the public trust. If you require a transparent, forthright council, vote for Julie Akins, Tonya Graham, George Kramer and Carol Voisin.

Mary Cody


Voting for Steve Jensen

I strongly support Steve Jensen as a candidate for City Council. Steve is currently serving as council liaison to the city commission on which I serve, allowing me to personally experience his quick grasp of issues under consideration, how thoughtfully and respectfully he listens to all points of view, and his ability to offer practical solutions to challenging issues.

Steve has proven his ability to work collaboratively, and is definitely the smart, caring, fair-minded leader we need to make decisions with the best interest of the community at heart.

Sandy Friend


Vote for Graham

Tonya Graham for Ashland City Council: After hearing 12 years before catastrophe effects prediction from the U.N. global climate change scientists, I think Tonya should be running for president!

She has consulted cities across the nation in climate change mitigation and preparedness. As the director of Geos Institute, she has defended our environment for over 20 years. She is a top thinker, world leader and mother of heart. She adopted five Haitian children as a single mom. We raised our children together and I believe she is a true saint! (www.TonyaForAshland.com)

It will take our entire community to birth Ashland as a global model. Tonya can lead us there.

Ballots are here. Local races are important. Let’s vote for the most effective candidates!

Asha Deliverance


We need Bachman

Jackie Bachman has the ability to listen to different points of view and to see the way forward to solutions. She clearly demonstrated this last year in serving as the chair of the Ad-Hoc Senior Program Advisory Committee and developing the constructive recommendations to improve senior services in Ashland.

Appointed by the City Council in March, Jackie has proven her worth. She has worked hard, serving as council liaison for housing and human services, Ashland Peace Commission, Forest Lands and RVTD.

Throughout it all, she has kept her positive attitude and sense of humor. I have been in several OLLI Improv courses with Jackie and have always been impressed by her ability to listen, to think on the spot, and to come up with good ideas.

We need Jackie Bachman as we face challenges with the environment, with affordable housing and with the city budget. Please join me in supporting her!

Roger Mueller


Kochlacs for judge

Let’s elect Charles Kochlacs for Circuit Court judge. The court needs his experience.

Charles has practiced in Oregon since 1989. Judges are stretched thin. They must quickly and correctly decide cases, one after another. Often, their decisions affect people for a lifetime; think children and families, and divorces.

As a lawyer, Charles serves people from all walks of life. He is an experienced divorce lawyer. He represents juveniles with problems of all descriptions in juvenile court. He has represented undocumented people in federal court. These are examples of his broad command of the law in service to our community.

In this time, Circuit Court is no place for on-the-job training for judges. Charles Kochlacs can “hit the ground running.” We need him on the bench.

Richard B. Thierolf Jr.


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