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Election Letters, Oct. 27

Vote for Akins

Julie Akins, who is running for City Council Position 3, is a candidate who can bring a much needed new approach to the conduct of city business. She has respect for the diversity of opinions that make Ashland such a lively and wonderful community. She will establish sound financial principles to rein in our current out-of-control spending and will listen to the opinions of the Budget Committee.

Julie works well with colleagues, and has a knack for finding common ground that leads to collaborative solutions. Her values of inclusion and accountability are sorely missing from the currently constituted council. Please join me in voting for Julie Akins for City Council Position 3.

Avram Chetron


We need Jamie

We need new blood in Congress.

We need more women.

We need a representative who will fight to preserve our access to affordable health care.

We need a representative who will show up in our neighborhoods, hold town hall meetings, listen to our concerns and act in our best interests. We need a representative who is not afraid to meet with us face-to-face.

We need a representative who is not owned by big business.

We need to feel good about our future and that of our children and their children. We need Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Congress.

She’s got my vote.

Lori Taft Sours


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