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Letters, Oct. 29

Supporting Jensen

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent candidates running for positions on the Ashland City Council. For Position 6, I’m particularly pleased to support Stephen Jensen.

Steve has an incredibly broad range of experiences and aptitudes qualifying him for this office. Of particular note is his participation on the Ashland Forest Lands Commission and, now as a sitting councilor, as liaison to the Wildfire Mitigation Committee. Catastrophic wildfire is truly an existential threat to Ashland, and it is critical to have council members with the knowledge and ability to meaningfully and realistically address this issue.

Please vote for Steve Jensen for Ashland Council Position 6. Also please join me in voting for Mike Gardiner for Ashland Parks and Recreation commissioner Position 3. As with Steve, Mike has the experience and common sense needed to keep Ashland a great place to live.

Dan Thorndike


See ‘Cronkite is dead’

I learned on Facebook that “Walter Cronkite is Dead” — that’s a play — is going to be presented by Ashland Contemporary Theatre Oct. 28-Nov. 18, so I wanted to write in and urge people to see this.

I saw this play as a reading just last month in Joshua Tree at the Hi-Desert Cultural Center. It may have a strange title, but most people can relate to this situation: talking to people on the other side of our red vs. blue political divisions. As these two women characters get to know each other, it uncovers how different we’ve become in our points of view and yet, under that, how much we still have in common. We can still connect.

This play works because they don’t talk policy, they talk about their families and fears (sometimes it’s very funny). All this politics starts with our beliefs, and when I look at all the fighting, I think the only way to move forward is to lead by example, not by derision, even when we heartily disagree.

Robin Lundstrom


Vote for Golden

You’ve probably heard it said that turnout for mid-term elections tends to be lackluster. No doubt you’ve also heard this particular mid-term is an extremely important election, and that is true.

Our local race for the state Senate could determine whether or not Oregon continues the progressive legacy promoted by Dr. Alan Bates, especially in expanded access to health care and addressing the crisis of climate change.

Jeff Golden has in-depth knowledge of the issues in addition to valuable experience. Even if Jessica Gomez claims to hold similar positions, her party definitely does not and freshman senators are expected to toe their line. Unlike Jessica, Jeff has not accepted any PAC money and is beholden only to us.

Washington is paralyzed. If we hope to improve our offspring’s quality of life, we need to start at the local level. Vote for Jeff Golden: it’s up to us.

Michael and Barbara Steely


Please vote

I am proud to live in a state that makes voting easy. Still, it’s rather shocking to see how many of our fellow citizens do not vote.

I have never lived anywhere where I have felt my interests have been fully represented. Having been a hard-working man, I honestly believe quite the opposite. I tend to vote for those who express more egalitarian views.

I can understand how you can get discouraged with politics, but I think that attitude is a big part of our problems. So I encourage everyone who is registered to please vote. If you are undecided find someone or some organization that you trust and have a conversation. Let’s show the rest of the country and world that we Oregonians, whether life-long or recently arrived, care about each other. Let’s set a new record.

Turn out!

Bill Fischer


Voting for Seffinger

I am writing to ask for your vote to re-elect Stef Seffinger to the City Council. I have served on council with both candidates for this position and I am completely confident Stef Seffinger is the best option for Ashland’s future.

Stef is an honest, hard-working, intelligent and a strong woman leader. She knows how to work collaboratively and respectfully with others — even those who do not agree with her. She is kind and considerate, and does her homework. Her advocacy of senior issues, her past excellent leadership as Parks chair and her dedication to understanding the issues and challenges of our community are assets. Stef does not look to divide community, she works to unite it behind our challenges and get people to work together. Please join me in voting for Stef Seffinger for council seat 4.

Dennis Slattery


Voting for Lanita Witt

I am voting for Lanita Witt for Jackson County commissioner.

She has a lot to recommend her. She and her partner are successfully running an organic ranch and farm, so she understands the needs of rural residents in our county. Her experience as a physician means she has a good understanding of the issues around health care. She has studied the science of climate change and believes addressing the causes and effects of climate change are a top priority.

She has innovative ideas (a good example: She said once she thought there should be more than three Jackson County Commissioners, perhaps five instead of three. When asked how to pay the rather hefty salaries for new commissioners, she said “take the salaries for three commissioners and split that amount up among five instead.”) I believe she will serve Jackson County residents well.

Marion Moore


Take it seriously

Hopefully future generations won’t look back on history and say: “I wish voters in 2018 had taken seriously the impact of climate change.” In order to avoid that, we must vote for candidates who are committed to meeting the challenge and supporting a government response.

Jeff Golden will do that in Salem. In time of despair, Jeff believes in “Immense Possibilities” and challenges all of us to do what we can even if that means making personal sacrifices. Probably the easiest way to begin to meet our responsibilities is to vote. Voter turnout could indicate how seriously we take the conclusions of a recently released scientific report on climate change.

Barry Peckham


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