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Election Letters, Oct. 24

Ashland needs Voisin

The fact that Carol Voisin is running for City Council again is testament to her tenacious spirit and concern for the pressing issues facing Ashland, many of which were the same issues that concerned her when serving on the council previously: budget responsibility, water, renewable energy, affordable housing.

Especially important was her advocacy for citizen input and adult behavior during a period of council incivility. Ashland needs her kind of conscientiousness again.

Allan Peterson


Unusual timing

I found very interesting the letter documenting how Jessica Gomez’s campaign is funded by global corporations like Chevron, British Petroleum, the biggest drug and insurance companies, and more.

It made me think about an unsolicited mailing I just received from the Canadian company that is proposing the Jordan Cove fracked gas export project and pipeline.

The message and a lot of the featured words about “new leadership” and “safe, clean energy” are exactly the same as featured words on Gomez’s website.

Gomez has twice signed on to letters to federal or state agencies endorsing Jordan Cove — one from the Oregon Business Council where she’s on the board, and one from the Chamber of Medford/Jackson County, where she is vice chair.

It’s probably just a coincidence that this Canadian company picked this moment to send out campaign-style propaganda like that.

Yes, it is probably just a coincidence.

S. Langhorne


Yes on school bond

As a member of the Ashland school bond committee, I spent a year touring facilities, taking recommendations from staff, students, and community, and poring over data on health, safety and education.

Ashland School Bond Measure 15-178 is fiscally responsible. The 2006 bond expires this year and the proposed bond essentially takes its place. The structure of the bond assures that your taxes will remain the same.

Having toured many school district buildings, I can attest to the incredible need we have for improvements to our facilities including earthquake readiness, improved security and updated HVAC systems to protect from harmful air quality. These improvements will ensure our staff/students’ health and safety and the ability to teach and learn.

An educated community is a strong community. Let’s give our students/staff what they need to succeed. Vote yes on Ashland School Bond Measure 15-178.

Allison Wildman


Vote for Steve Jensen

I was fortunate to work with Steve Jensen for 12 years at South Medford High School, where I saw first-hand his caring for others and passion for making a difference. His work with students was remarkable.

Steve is willing to step up, take on big challenges and see them through to completion. Steve is a hard worker with high integrity. He wants to be in the game, not on the sidelines, which is why I know he will be an exceptional City Council member who will represent the people of Ashland with fairness, intelligence and creativity.

There is no question that Steve loves his city! He will listen to everyone, be an excellent team member and will make the best decision for the majority. Let Steve use his smarts, humor and hard work to make Ashland an even better place. Vote for Steve Jensen.

Dennis Murphy


Landt gets my vote

Fellow Ashlanders, Rick will continue to get my vote as parks commissioner because he knows his stuff.

As a professional ecologist and longtime friend and associate of Rick’s, I still bring complex environmental issues to Rick to get the benefits of his innovative thinking and problem solving. That Rick continues to offer his services to this community as a parks commissioner is as good of a fit as it gets. Fun fact: Rick also has one heck of a contagious laugh.

Greg Carey


Support school bond

This is my letter of support for the Ashland School Bond Measure 15-178 on the ballot this coming election.

As someone who has gone through Ashland schools from preschool through high school, in many of the same buildings we currently use today, I understand the need to support our schools and to maintain the investment we have made in education for our community. This bond will help provide the facilities structural and environmental upgrades and other improvements that would not be possible with regular state funding. It can provide seismic Improvements, cleaner air in the classrooms and energy efficiency improvements that would not otherwise be afforded.

I hope you join with me supporting our Ashland students this November by voting in support of the School Bond Measure 15-178. Together we can provide the educational future we want for our kids and grandkids. Thank you for supporting this measure.

Michael Morris


Witt for commissioner

What an opportunity we have before us! Dr. Lanita Witt as Jackson County commissioner!

She is a competent, clear-headed, grounded and articulate voice of compassionate decision-making. If all the women and children she has delivered and graciously served join me in voting for her, it will be a landslide victory.

Wendy Fullerton


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