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Election Letters, Oct. 30

Julie Akins for council

I’m writing to voice strong support for Julie Akins for City Council.

Julie has exceptional hands-on experience with our community and its citizens, has faithfully understood and reported on council activities for years, and will bring a fresh, healthy and much-needed dynamic to our City Council.

Jeff Sharpe


Landt for Parks

Rick Landt’s combination of vision and fiscal responsibility for Ashland’s beautiful city parks strikes exactly the correct balance on our Ashland Parks Commission, a position he has served for many years.

His visionary idea that every resident should be within a quarter mile of a city park was adopted into Ashland’s Comprehensive Plan in the late ’80s with his hard work. It was realized with the two most recent parks.

Rick is a fiscal conservative who will fight tirelessly for the environment and for the treasured values that the robust park system he has helped to build provides for our community. Please return him in service to our city as Ashland parks commissioner.

Gary Schrodt


Yes on school bond

As a resident of Ashland for 19 years I have enjoyed the many benefits that resulted from having a strong school system. The community has consistently voted to have a bond to pay for necessary infrastructure maintenance.

Since the last bond is expiring and there is no other way to fund infrastructure, it is time once again to show support by voting yes on the Ashland Schools Bond, Measure 15-178. It is fiscally responsible (no percentage increase to tax and it capitalizes on low interest rates and our stellar bond rating), cost-saving and helps ensure the health, safety and security of our children.

It has been a long process to gather community feedback and assess the state of facilities prior to proposing this bond. Thanks to the many community members who participated in creating this bond. More information can be found at www.asb2018.org.

Deneice Zeve

Chair, Ashland School Board

Kochlacs for experience

We six Jackson County judges who have endorsed Charles Kochlacs for judge represent more than 120 years’ total judicial experience from 1972 through 2018. Charles Kochlacs has 25 years of experience practicing in Jackson County courts with an emphasis on juvenile law.

We have observed Charles over those years and we have endorsed him because of the quality of his work, his demeanor and the experience he will bring to the work of a Circuit Court judge. In endorsing Charles I do not disparage his younger opponent. Charles Kochlacs’ experience will benefit all who come to the courts, especially the children.

Based on my observations of 21 years as a Circuit Court judge and Senior Circuit Court judge, I recommend Charles Kochlacs to to you for your vote.

G. Philip Arnold, Senior Circuit Court judge


Elect four newcomers

In Ashland , we now have the opportunity to elect four new members to the Ashland City Council. Emotions are running high as folks decide if the status quo will remain or fresh, new energy will prevail.

One hot button issue is the debate over the Ashland Budget. The incumbents, Jackie Bachman, Steve Jensen, Mike Morris and Stefi Seffinger have had plenty of time to deliver cost-cutting measures, and have not. They need to go.

Let’s elect Tonya Graham, Carol Voisin, Julie Akins and George Kramer, who have vowed to make financial sustainability a reality and address community concerns on housing and jobs.

The challengers have been vocal in asking why the current City Council has not turned words into action to address climate change. The clock is ticking, delay is not an option.

Vote for Akins, Graham, Voisin and Kramer on Nov. 6.

Susan Hall


Vote for Voisin

As someone who worked closely with Carol Voisin during her two terms (2008-16) as Ashland city councilor, I strongly endorse her re-election to that post. Voisin is a powerful advocate for issues affecting our city’s future, including, most importantly, getting the budget under control and water security. She is a woman of aspirational ideas and meaningful actions as well as an excellent listener, researcher and problem-solver.

Voisin has exceptional knowledge of the city’s history and ordinances and problem areas requiring immediate attention. The city needs a more balanced and reasonable approach, and that means vote for Voisin.

Beth F. Coye


A Golden opportunity

On Nov. 6, we have a Golden opportunity. Literally.

It’s our chance to elect Jeff Golden to Oregon Senate District 3.

Jeff has that rare quality of passion without partisanship. Yes, he’s a Democrat. But he has rejected campaign money from all lobbyists, corporations and special-interest PACs, even those whose efforts he might support.

That decision, along with his background, words and actions, demonstrate why Jeff is the right person to represent the interests of all of us in the Rogue Valley. A vote for Jeff Golden is a vote to help create, as he says, “the Oregon we want for ourselves, our children and our communities.”

Please, don’t pass up this Golden opportunity. Vote for Jeff Golden for Oregon state senator.

Amanda Iles


Dyer for commissioner

My son plays basketball for Rick Dyer, and when we were in Portland waiting for our game to start at around 2 p.m., the team that was playing before us showed up 30 minutes late.

The coach was trying to convince the referee to let his team play, and all I could selfishly think about was the long drive home. If they let this team play, my family would get back to Medford even later. I proceeded to complain to Rick about this. Rick, unselfishly, pointed out to me that it is not the fault of the children that the team was late and he did not want to deny them the opportunity to play their game.

Rick was right, and I felt guilty for even thinking the way I did. I’m speaking from the viewpoint of a dad that has witnessed Rick’s outstanding character on many occasions.

Ty Goodrich


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