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Election Letters, Oct. 31

Picture sealed it

I will never forget the scene — our Rep. Greg Walden standing with Paul Ryan on the House floor, smiling and gloating over what he had just done —taken away affordable health care from 25 million Americans.

That picture told me all that I needed to know.

Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress!

Tom Dimitre


Supporting Landt

I support Rick Landt for Ashland Parks Commissioner. While Rick has been on the commission, the operating budget has increased by an average of 2.6 percent a year, only slightly above the inflation rate, even in the face of unprecedented increases in payments to the state to cover PERS overruns that are out of local control.

Rick strongly cares about the environment. He was instrumental in the commission discontinuing the use of herbicides on our park lawns where citizens sit, play and picnic. Rick brings an even-handed approach to decision-making that includes trying to incorporate as many viewpoints as possible into decisions. Please join me in voting for Rick Landt for parks commissioner.

Stephanie Hyland


Pact with the devil

Even though candidates running under the Republican banner are trying to distance themselves from it, they cannot. They made their pact with this devil, now they must own it. So, let’s ask what Republicanism in the age of Trump really represents.

A few simple adjectives, such as racist, sexist, white nationalist, anti-science, and ignorant just don’t suffice. Republicans now have to support the idea that a confirmed Supreme Court justice has been accused of attempted rape and is a belligerent college drunkard, besides repeatedly lying under oath. Further, one must accept that alternative facts (aka lies) are an acceptable basis for developing government policy.

The only way a Republican candidate can evade being tarred with Trump’s brush is to repudiate Trumpism loudly and repeatedly. Failing repudiation, Republicans are deemed supporters and enablers and must be held accountable for their choice this November.

Trisha Vigil


Bachman for council

Please join me in voting for Jackie Bachman for City Council seat number 3

Jackie first showed her ability to help solve problems by working collaboratively to solve problems when she chaired the ad hoc committee to save our Senior Center. She has continued on in the same manner in her work as a council member. Jackie has the energy and determination to be prepared and do the best job possible. She also brings valuable experience from her work as an administrator in a big urban school district, especially in her experience with budget matters.

June Buccina


Orr for judge

David Orr has experience on both sides of the criminal justice system as a public defender and now a prosecutor.

He is a tireless advocate for victims of crime, especially women and children. He protects the most vulnerable survivors abuse. He has the experience to balance justice and fairness for victims with compassion and understanding for the accused. He supports a treatment-based approach to addiction and has referred many people for treatment instead of incarceration.

David does not accept campaign contributions so he can be completely impartial. He is not part of the “old boys network” and is beholden to no one. He is incredibly hard-working and committed to our community. I know David to be honest, kind, fair, and ethical to his core. He has my vote.

Stephany Smith-Pearson


A voice of reason

Jackie Bachman does her homework and works collaboratively with others. She listens to all points of view and bears down on facts in decision-making.

Jackie brings an energetic, practical, community spirit to the council. We need her continued voice of wisdom. Jackie has my vote.

Judith Corbin


Dyer for commissioner

As a small-business owner for more than 20 years in Southern Oregon, it is my pleasure to write this letter in regard to Rick Dyer.

I have known Rick for more than 25 years. He has been a leader and mentor in the community since I have known him. A business and accounting degree from SOU and a law degree make Rick more than qualified for the job of county commissioner.

Rick’s background in accounting and law gives him an edge over his competition and allows him to succeed and tackle challenges in a methodical way. I feel very confident giving my endorsement to Rick Dyer and I look forward to him leading the citizens in Jackson County.

Teresa Pollman


Endorsing Morris

I enthusiastically endorse Michael Morris for Ashland City Council.

I am pleased that Mike is seeking re-election for his council position. Ashland is, and will be, facing some significant challenges and Ashland elected officials need the objective approach that Mike has always employed.

As a former department head and city administrator it was my pleasure to work with Mike for nine years. Mike comes to the table with one agenda, to do what is best for the community. He is a multi-generational Ashlander with a strong passion for moving the community forward.

I appreciated that Mike would exhaustively seek out information on issues from actual subject matter experts before making a decision. He does not become overly influenced by the vocal minority, sensationalized social media efforts or carefully managed, myopic campaigns. His record speaks for itself. He is consistent in how he weighs the facts of issues with complete objectivity.

John Karns, retired fire chief and city administrator


Supporting Gardiner

I support Mike Gardiner for Ashland Parks commissioner, position 3.

Mike has spent many years serving as a current parks commissioner and six years on the Ashland Planning Commission. He volunteers to give nature walks in the park, supports open spaces and the Senior Center, has a green thumb with his beautiful home garden, is a bee keeper and a darn good musician. A man of many talents and he is dedicated to our parks. Please vote for Mike Gardiner on Nov. 6.

Mike Dadaos


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