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Letters, Jan. 4

Oregon deserves better

As a former forest fire lookout during the ’50s, I ask you: How many more? Biscuit, Chetco Bar, Klondike? How many more fires have to burn in the same wilderness, smoking us out in Southern Oregon, before our politicians wake up?

We don’t need more wilderness, which just becomes a tinderbox. We need to do a better job in our forests preventing fires like we used to do. We need detection, dispatch and local control. Where are our senators? Both seem to oppose doing much in the forests of Southern Oregon. Senator Merkley wants to raid the magical piggy bank to throw more money at the problem and Senator Wyden wants to ignore us and lock up more of the region in wilderness waiting to burn. To paraphrase a column that ran recently in this paper, Oregon deserves better in the Senate.

Peggie Foy, Chimney Rock, Oregon State Forestry lookout operator, 1956 and 1957