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Letters, Jan. 7

We have the power

The Canadian company, Pembina, and their Jordan Cove LNG pipeline are desperately at the mercy of the people of Oregon. We’ve risen to protect our ecology and reject the project, but still they’re doing all they can to force it upon us.

Millions of dollars have been spent on advertising alone. Using statewide fliers, TV, YouTube and radio ads, they’ve made sure that everyone knows how far they reach. They talk about “benefits” — with no mention of the damaging pipeline or the export terminal they are trying to build.

This is not simple advertising. It’s false propaganda on the grandest scale.

It appears that communities against the project have an impossible task competing with the power of Pembina.

However, it’s with pride that I recognize the strength and intellect of Oregonians and the thing we have that Pembina never will — people power.

Efforts to fight the calamity of the LNG pipeline are widespread, focused and passionate. We’ve rejected it twice already, and our continued involvement is critical for moving Oregon toward the long-term economic pragmatism of renewables. To submit comments, read testimony or exercise your right as a member of the public, join me Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 5:30 p.m. at the Jackson County Expo. The Department of State Lands is holding a public hearing on critical pipeline permits, and this is our chance to let it be known: Oregon doesn’t want the Jordan Cove LNG pipeline, we deserve better.

Joseph Tomlin


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