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Letters, Jan. 10

We have choices

When Thelma and Louise drove toward the cliff, the driver put her foot down. Sure, it was just a movie, and the scriptwriter made the choice for them. Unlike Thelma and Louise, we each largely write the script for our own lives, so we can choose whether or not to drive over the cliff.

With heat waves and droughts threatening our agriculture, snowpack dwindling, hurricanes beating up our coastal communities, wildfires burning our forests and homes and smoke choking us, one would think the evidence is clear enough. But apparently not to those with blinders, or with heads in the sand or inserted elsewhere.

We have choices. We can choose to act on global warming or accelerate over the cliff. The shame is that we take the kids with us.

Is that where you want to take your kids?

In Oregon, we can be pro-life for our kids by demanding our legislators pass a strong and meaningful greenhouse gas emissions reduction bill. Since voluntary measures have been in place for a decade, to our regret, the free market has clearly failed to address the problem. If we care about our kids, we need to get more serious about our response.

Alan Journet, co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now


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