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Letters, Jan. 12

Trump’s incoherence

President Trump is speaking more and more incoherently. Why are our congressional representative not calling him out on this? His speech lately looks like the symptoms of someone with a brain disorder. Did you hear him going on about a wall and a wheel? If not, you should look it up.

Here is what he said on Jan. 4 about people crossing the southern border illegally: “ they get off the road, and they drive out into the desert, and they come on, they make a left turn, usually it’s a left not a right, they make a right turn before they get to the port of entry, they go as far as the wall is, or as far as the barricade is, then they make a left, welcome to the United States.”

Congress needs to seriously discuss whether this man is incompetent and do their duty to protect our country. I think it goes something like this, “ from all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Trump’s behavior is placing us all at peril.

Manuel De Aquino