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Letters, Jan. 14

Speak for the trees

Definitely keep my old friends, the two Doug firs that, I hear, may be at risk. They have given me (and anyone who wants) their gifts of shade, scent, and sights of red-shouldered hawks, as well as their quiet, stately presence.

The sign by the trees says they were planted in 1916, probably moved there from upstream in the park.

A few trees do not a forest make or even old growth — those are systems of interrelated trees and other vegetation, etc. However, these trees are native, beautiful specimens and, to my mind, are worth a whole Japanese Garden imposed in the area where they are now healthy, sheltering, inspiring. I watched and listened to them catch the wind a few days ago and was myself moved as they moved and sighed and shed small branchlets. Theirs is one of the finest small spaces in Lithia Park. We humans need such places near us.

Today I crocheted “necklaces” for the two trees to call attention to the decision that is to be made — small gifts as tokens of my appreciation of theirs.

Parks website has info about an afternoon site visit and evening study session at the Grove Monday.

JoAnne Eggers


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