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Letters, Jan. 17

A middle ground?

Doug Dusenberry wrote an excellent letter to the editor Sunday regarding how history will regard Trump. I agree with him on many points.

I have trenendous respect for Doug. We both want what is best for our country and we cherish our freedoms.

Where I disagree with Doug is with the degradation of the democratic process and the threat to our Constitution brought on by the actions of 45. Trump is trashing our Constitution by assaulting the judicial system, assaulting the truth and assaulting anyone that dares to challenge him.

How could two intelligent people such as Doug and myself have such different viewpoints? Perhaps there is middle ground where we can compromise? I passionately hope so. We all want the country more unified!

I’ve been watching Fox News as a way to try to understand why 35 percent of the country still supports this lunatic. I’ve discovered something interesting. Fox actually has some legitimate news anchors such as Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace. They challenge Trump and his avalanche of lies on a daily basis.

The arrogant know-it-all Bill O’Reilly has been banished from the airways, but the women are still required to wear identical, short, sleeveless dresses from some recurring creepy nightmare episode of “The Stepford Wives.”

Fox listens to many more individuals with opposing viewpoints than CNN or MSNBC does. In that regard, it is more fair and balanced than the mainstream media. Check it out for yourselves.

It’s with the evening personalities of Ingraham and Hannity when reality veers dramatically sideways into a chilling and hideous deep state of absurdity. Shep Smith has called Hannity on his BS on many occasions. Refreshing!

My question to Doug is how can he support a man like Trump that blatantly lies about matters both trivial and great? When will the Trump base acknowledge that 45 is an habitual liar?

When Trump lies, he not only lies to Democrats, he lies to every individual in our great nation. That should disturb us all.

Pete Toogood


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