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Letters, Jan. 21

A negative caricature

Your recent editorial “Don’t fight progress” presents a negative caricature of the public process.

On Jan. 8, the Planning Commission held a meeting to receive comments from the public as part of the approval process for the first cottage housing project submitted under the new ordinance. Most of those in attendance expressed conceptual approval of the project, and all were respectful and considerate. The discussion was about the details: density, parking, future traffic congestion, and fire safety. It was a negotiation, not a fight.

This is the first cottage housing project submitted. It is a great opportunity for the Tidings. The public would be better served with the Tidings preparing an informative, unbiased article instead of an editorial. Material can be gathered from the Planning Commission website. Interview some of the affected neighbors. Chronicle the progress of this project as well as the cottage housing concept in general.

Ted Garten


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