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Letters, Jan. 22

Decrease the density

Regarding your recent editorial “Don’t fight progress”: The neighbors in the Laurel Street / Mountain View Drive area are not against a cottage project. Most of us disagree with the proposed density of 12 units — which is three times the density allowed by the surrounding zoning. The state of Oregon did a 2016 (cottage) housing study which states densities should be limited to two times that of the underlying zoning.

I wouldn’t characterize this proposed development as affordable housing. The developer is hoping to get $375 a square foot. This proposal is keeping the cottages under the 800 square feet to avoid having to provide more than one off-street parking spot per unit. That means an additional 10 – 12 vehicles parked along a very narrow residential street. We did an experiment where we parked six cars along Mountain View. As predicted, only one vehicle could squeeze through the street at a time. As we were taking photos, three cars tried to turn onto the street and each had to stop and back up into Laurel Street.

We are all for progress, but we need to mitigate safety hazards. Provide additional off-street parking and/or decrease the proposed density.

Barbara Harmon


Actual facts, please

We are more than happy to see an increase in the numbers of farms in the valley supplying organic, healthy meats. However, we would be opposed to that happening at the expense of our health and well-being. We support the call by a previous correspondent for the need for “ actual facts.”

Factually, Uproot Meats is on a steep hillside that has a history of water running down the hill. Factually, the TID is at the bottom of Uproot Meat’s property. Factually, the TID waters our backyards and contributes to the supply of drinking water for Ashland residents during the summer months. And factually, there has been no geologist/hydrologist survey of the appropriateness of this site for a hog farm.

There is, as yet, much that is unknown as to how precisely this farm will operate. We would welcome clarification that this is an appropriate site for a hog and chicken farm. It is our contention that it is not.

Brenda Leishman


Thanks for help

I was at the Ashland dog park on Dec. 28 when a large Golden Doodle rammed into me. I crashed to the ground and broke my hip.

I would like to thank Dr. D. from Ashland Community Hospital, who was there and urged me to get to the hospital and also the two men who lifted me up from the ground and carried me to another wonderful woman’s car. She put her three kids and our two dogs in the car and drove me to the hospital. I forget her name but she works for Patricia Sprague Realty.

I am home recovering from a hip replacement and doing well, thanks to a top surgeon, Dr. Townsend, and all the wonderful people and care at the hospital. I only wish the dog’s owner would have visited me in the hospital or contacted me. She did say she was sorry.

Carol Moore


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